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What’s In Your Morning Smoothie?

With more companies figuring out how to cash in on the smoothie craze, it seems that many have lost sight of the smoothie’s greatest benefit: getting a lot of nutrition in one fell swoop. The sugary “substitutes” we can find at the food court aren’t going to provide any immune support this flu season. Obviously […]


The Miracle That Is Water [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the millions of liquid options available to drink every day, we often forget the simple choice – the base of everything we consume – water. For those of us in the developed world, we ignore many of the health benefits of water in favor of the seemingly more plentiful sugary beverages available at every […]


The Dirty Dozen: Top 12 Most Pesticide Filled Foods

It’s safe to say that nearly every one is aware that non-organic food is grown with pesticides but until recently, people weren’t thinking about exactly how much there was in each food. By the sounds of their name, you would think “The Dirty Dozen” is notorious for bad rhymes but they are the twelve most […]


How To Boost The Immune System During Flu Season

It’s always in your best interest to take preventative over reactive measures when it comes to your health or you might get knocked down with a nasty flu this season. If you know how to boost the immune system, you can spare yourself from the annoying symptoms that are synonymous with the change of seasons. […]


5 Energy Draining Foods To Avoid

In a world full of energy drinks and an endless stream of fads aimed at boosting our daily energy levels, it’s obvious that we could all use a little more fuel in the tank. Sadly, there are too many energy draining foods that somehow manage to slip into the eating routines of Americans every day […]

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